Opera, Operetta, Zarzuela, Classical Musical, Lied-Song even new edition

( extracts from Competition Rules of second Edition 2021. For Application form and whole Competition Rules send an email to:

 “The competition is open to classical singers of all nationalities who, at the closing date of registration, have reached the age of 18.

 ….In the lied, canzone, chanson, song Category, new unpublished compositions are also allowed, for which the release of all creators (composer, poet, ..) as well as performers is requested.

Performances can also be in solo vocal ensembles, such as duets, trios, quartets or other….

 The artistic and professional qualities will therefore be evaluated globally, in terms of vocal, musical, interpretative, stylistic, actor, stage, directorial performance, in the context of an expressive language dedicated to the multimedia artistic universe, with particular attention to creative originality…..

 …The vocal, musical, interpretative, acting, directorial qualities, the staging, the creative and communicative ability of the artists and the originality of the films are evaluated, in view of the modern conception of the singer-actor…  

…The candidate must send an audio video that includes the musical and scenic performance, for all categories, of a piece lasting at least 3 minutes, maximum 12 minutes, with piano accompaniment or recorded orchestral background or other instruments, including digital ones.

Recording must be done live, landscape orientation with IOS, Android or other suitable systems. …”

( extracts from Competition Rules of second Edition 2021.
For Application form and Rules send an email to:

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